The Deck Cafe and bar lounge



Truly Great Coffee

Our coffee is 100% certified organic blend of two of the finest beans originating from Mexico and Peru Andes. Winner of 2 silver medals at the 2010 Golden Bean awards these beans have been recognised as one of Australia's finest quality beans.


Fully Rainforest alliance and Fairtrade qualified, our beans are hand blended to our exclusive recipe prior to roasting in Yahavas Vasse wine region facility in the states southwest.


Combined with what we feel is Australia's greatest milk derived from a single origin farm south of Pemberton, we aim to create a consistent, well-balanced and deep flavoured coffee with a clean body that never fails to impress. In fact we guarantee the quality and consistency of our coffee everytime.

Cold Drip Coffee 


With a cold extraction over a ten hour period, we’re able to bring out the more subtle flavor characteristics of our single origin coffee beans. The result is a strong, dynamic coffee with a smooth finish you won’t find coming out of an espresso machine. Each single origin has a unique flavor profile that comes to life with every sip.

Extracting our coffee cold also allows us to eliminate most of the bitter oils that are typically found in heat extracted coffee, making First Press easier on both the palate and digestive system. First Press also contains no sugar or preservatives, ensuring a clean, pure and natural buzz with less harmful acids than regular coffee.

Coffee Bean
Why Local and Fresh
Milk Matters 


Never underestimate the impact of milk quality on a perfect cup of coffee. That's the message from our expert tem of baristas.


Our milk is 100% WA dairy derived from a single origin farm south of Pemberton in Western Australias southwest. Our Farm Fresh Milk is as pure as nature intended and is processed using only traditional batch processing methods in order to achieve a 'real' milk flavour, the fresh flavour difference you will notice.


All of our milk products are free of additives, including skim milk powder and permeate. All of our products are GM free. The milk is pasteurised using slower processes through low temperature methods which maintain milk proteins, creates a full flavoured and healthier milk alternative unrivalled in Australia.


This milk is a first place "Champion Milk" winner of Western Australia

The Deck Cafe is is located under central park and serve breakfast & brunch proving great atmosphere for city meetings and outdoor open cafe seating, same transforms into open bar at night!